Welcome to Airedale Antics

Our parents started out as “Airedale Antiques” in 1996. They opened their shop on Historic Main Street in St. Charles, Missouri. It was run by two silly Airedale Terriers who were driving Mom and Dad nuts staying at home all day, so when we named the shop, we brought the pooches to the store each day. What they found is that more people came to see the dogs than the antiques. One day, they got the idea to carry Airedale things – pens, shirts, bumper stickers, etc.
It went over big, but our schnauzer friends got kind of upset at not having stuff for them. So we carried terrier things…. But our Golden Retriever friends barked at us quite upset for not remembering them. Ok, so then we expanded….and expanded… and expanded.
Pretty soon, there were more dog and cat things than antiques.

One day a customer came in looking for a certain type of dog food – she called it “all natural” – told us it was hard to find but really becoming popular. Said her dog itched less and his coat seem shinier. Our interest was piqued. We started doing our research and decided to bring in the food that she had requested. And some cat food – after all, we can’t discriminate. Then we needed treats too so we found a local baker who could supply the treats we wanted. Here was the start of our shop with its new name – Airedale Antics –After all, what pet doesn’t have its own loving antics?

Long story made short – we decided to move from St. Charles back to our native Maplewood in April of 2007. We have always lived in Maplewood so the move was a great thing for us – it meant allowing our friends and neighbors to have access to some of the best foods out on the market for their pets. And here we are – on Manchester (one of the “main” streets in Maplewood).

Airedale Antics stays committed to allowing everyone to have access to all natural, healthy food and treats for their pets –without the fillers and the by-products. They should be able to eat healthy treats, have great natural hygiene products, and other items that allow their owners to be able to use to keep the pets safe, exercised, and healthy. Keeping us healthy and strong allows us to be around longer to love you, our owners, more.

Come in and see us soon – we can’t wait to see you!

Wag, Woof, Meow

Sassy, Harry and Oscar
The owners of Airedale Antics