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Pet Food Store News Taken Over by Cat!

MAU MAU the CAT here (why do you keep expecting the dog to be in this blog? Ted and Gracie don’t know how to write!  They are just dumb puppies!)

Did you know that June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month?  Yes it is…. do you have a cat? If you do, great…. doncha need another one?   What? You have 8 cats? Oh, ok, I won’t tell if you wont!   But if you only have one, consider another one…. I don’t like my cat friends out there on the streets alone, not being taken care of.   St. Louis has lots of places that have adoptable cats – Tenth Life Cat Rescue, Animal House , APA and Humane Society just to mention a few.  OR – Go visit MauHaus in Maplewood – they got lots of kitties who need good homes.

If you get a kitty from any area rescue and bring proof of your adoption, then my Dad, Mom or Denise will give you a nice present for the kitty.  It is a surprise, but purrfect.  Now when you give that surprise to the kitty, you should get some real nice luvins…. purring, rubbing up against you – maybe sitting in your lap.   Take it from me- Mau- we are the best of all pets (Stop it Gracie… no one cares that you are a cute puppy…. Leave my catnip mouse alone).

Until next time….

Keeping Your Pets Safe …

Did you know what certain things — food, liquids, and essentials oils — may be harmful to your pet??  Here are some things to be aware of to keep your companion animals safe.

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Upcoming Events:

6th Annual Maplewood Sweet Tooth Tour

Maplewood’s 6th Annual Sweet Tooth Tour

will be held on Saturday, January 26th, 2019

from Noon until 5pm.

Enliven your taste buds and warm your tummy during the cold winter months.

Maplewood’s food purveyors will treat you to their delightful offerings on this self-guided tour of sweetness.

Tickets are $21 each for stops at 15 locations.

Click here to find out where to buy your ticket.

But hey … what is going on at Airedale’s that day?

Glad you asked!


Tickets are required for the event, but are not necessary to stop and meet our special guests.

ALSO … for all you coffee lovers … tickets for the 10th Annual Maplewood Coffee Crawl, happening Saturday, March 23rd, will go on sale during the Sweet Tooth Tour.

Weekly Specials and More:

January – National Walk Your Dog Month

January is National Walk Your Dog Month.


With obvious health benefits for both you and your dog, what better way to kick start your New Year’s Resolution by getting out into the great outdoors and improving your own and your dog’s well being.

Squirrel Appreciation Day 2019

Monday, January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day.


Squirrels are fascinating, funny, intelligent creatures.  Show your appreciation for them by setting out a special treat.  Come into the shop for a special bag of squirrel food, peanuts in the shell, or  dried ears of corn.

National Love Your Pet Day 2019

Wednesday, February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day.


This day is set aside to focus on the special relationship that you have with your pets, and to give them a little extra attention and pampering.  Show your love by giving them a special treat, and extra long walk, or shower them with twice the cuddles.

National Dog Biscuit Day 2019

Saturday, February 23rd is National Dog Biscuit Day.


Whether  it is a reward for good behavior, as part of their training, or just because we all want to show our dogs how much we love them.  Show your furry friend how much you love them by baking them some special treats OR come see us for some yummy options.  We have plenty to choose from in LOTS of flavors.  Woof!

Spay Day USA 2019

Tuesday, February 26th is the 25th Annual Spay Day USA.



The last Tuesday in February is set aside for this important observation day.  It was created in 1994 by the Doris Day Animal League to bring attention to the pet overpopulation problem in the United States, and to help encourage population control through spaying and neutering.  Since then, Spay Day USA has helping to decrease the number of stray dogs and cats throughout the United States.

K9 Veterans Day 2019

Wednesday, March 13th is K9 Veterans Day.

Give thanks to our four-legged companions who proudly served and fought for our country.


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