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Curtis and I were talking the other day – YES, we cats do talk – you humans just don’t listen very well.  Like I was saying, we were talking about one of our most favorite things – FOOD!  I like sweets – my mom says cats don’t eat sweets.  Ha ha ha ha! MEOW!

Curtis told me that he gets bacon from his mom.   LUCKY HIM!  Although I think he has to share with his brothers.   But I told Curtis that I know how to get my own food.   I am queen of the cabinets.  I can open all of them up in my kitchen – top and bottom.  Tonight one of the DUMB PUPPIES  snapped at me when he saw me sampling the bag of salmon food.  So it says “dog food” … so WHAT!   It sure is good – I have gotten into the bag 3xs this week alone.   Remember,  I am the boss of those DUMB PUPPIES.  And sometimes my dad and mom bring them home lots of treats for them and what do I get?  Nothing!  Seems unfair, right?  So why not help myself?

If you come over to Airedale Antics – they are getting ready to go to their big trade show.  I told them to look for cat toys, cat treats, cat nip.  NO DOG STUFF!!!  Curtis says he likes the NEW TASTE OF THE WILD cat food flavor- you gotta come in and try it.    Curtis told me he just put in his application to work at the store… you know we have both part time and full time positions available.   I really don’t know if his mother knows he did this.  If you ask me, it should be renamed “Mau’s Antics”.    What a purrfect name!

Ok gotta go – mom forgot to put the chair by the cabinet door – and mom has cake mixes in there – YUMMY.

See you soon!  MauMau 


Keeping Your Pets Safe …

Did you know what certain things — food, liquids, and essentials oils — may be harmful to your pet??  Here are some things to be aware of to keep your companion animals safe.

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Upcoming Events:

Nail Trim Sunday

Sunday, February 23rd from 1pm – 5pm

Airedale Antics and Traveling Tea will be hosting our monthly nail trimming session


$5 for dogs or cats.  Rabbits, ferrets, and guinea pigs are welcome too.

Proceeds will be donated to Missouri Wildlife Refuge – come and meet and learn more about this great group and have a taste of tea with us. 

Trimming or grinding available upon request.




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